5 Minute Friday: CHOOSE

[Part of Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday prompts, which are a fantastic way to get me to write.]


It’s easy to hide behind destiny, a fate created from somewhere beyond the celestial skies. 

The excuses can roll, and you can pretend that the current will wash away all the consequences. 

But when the waves become bigger and the lightening is triggered, I bleed, then point to the starry skies and say, “How dare you! You did this to me!”

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not entering into the age-old discussion about pre-destination or free will. Frankly, I don’t even care to take a stance. 

But I’ve been hiding behind the promises I misread in Scriptures. I’ve been throwing a temper tantrum when life gets a little rough. I’ve been hiding behind my shame and guilt. 

I want to look up to the skies, and proclaim, “I CHOOSE freedom today. I CHOOSE joy, love, and patience today.”

And gosh, I’m going to fall, again and again and again. 

But I think that’s okay. 

It’s okay to feel pain. It’s not okay to point fingers. 

It’s okay to feel hurt. It’s not okay to avoid self-examination. 

Oh Lord of heaven and earth, teach me to CHOOSE goodness. Teach me to make mistakes well, and to learn from it humbly. Teach me to live whole-heartedly. 

Oh Lord of heaven and earth, have mercy on me. 




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  1. Leah,
    Wow. Your words have captured the feeling in my soul… and i hadn’t even begun to unravel it. Yes I too have been hiding and Yes I am shouting at the sky… and yes, in my messiness I choose to choose HIM!
    Thank you for this perspective! Cheers to #fmfparty!!

  2. Oh wow!!!! This was so great! So powerful! I really, really loved this… I came from FMF and I really think your post will stick with me today. This was meaty and so true… We’re all, to one degree or another, guilty of those same shaking fists.

  3. Love your illustration. Love your words. Good to visit with you, my FMF friend!

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