SPEW 300: Relating self-worth with employment

I’m learning that it is typical to doubt your self-worth when you’re a fresh grad who is seeking employment. I’ve never found peace in responses such as “everyone goes through it” or “things will work out.” Because:

  1. I don’t care if everyone goes through it. I’m not speaking broadly, but personally. I, Leah Elizabeth Abraham, am having anxious thoughts and feelings, so please don’t trivialize MY experience. Do not make me think about the big picture. Allow me to be upset and narrow-minded for a second. Acknowledge MY pain. Let me be selfish. Practice creative empathy.
  2. Do you REALLY believe things will work out? If so, why? Why are you so certain? What proof do you have? Was it divine inspiration? Or did you secretly line up a job for me, but you’re waiting for the right time to tell me? What if it doesn’t work out? I prefer a response like, “It might not work out. But you have to determine what is worth working for. Think creatively for a Plan B.”

Even though I hate the aforementioned responses, I’m thankful for your encouragement. Genuine or fake, I am grateful that you speak beautiful words of support and prayer.

Maslow’s hierarchy places esteem over love and belonging. One must have deep-rooted friendships, relationships and intimacy in order to healthily attain self-esteem, confidence, achievement and respect (of self and of others).

I’ve had the luxury of contemplating subjects such as worth and esteem because I have the safety of community, friends, and peers. If this isn’t the perfect time to use “#blessed,” then I don’t know what is.

The journey to find self-worth should never be done alone. Especially if you have trust issues and people-pleasing tendencies (like me). Practice vulnerability and creative empathy, and risk finding yourself. 

SPEW 300 is weekly (?) column where I, Leah Abraham, practice word-vomit. However, I limit myself to 300 words (give or take 2 words). SPEW 300 is uncensored, sometimes funny, always raw, and never perfect. 


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