SPEW 300: I use bullet points this time


Here are some honest truths:

  • I want to charge at the world. I want dance to my rhythm, listen to stories, plant trees, read literature, discover music… heck, i should be making music! I’m not sure what’s stopping me.
  • I met a charming, intelligent and encouraging creative last week. His words and blessings have been the highlight of my week. Check him and his wonderfully simple and life-changing ideas here.
  • My dad finally opened the pizza store! I’ve been a little busy helping him. I’ve made some mistakes while helping him… and well, when you’re running a business, mistakes can COST YOU BIG TIME. Sometimes I’m clumsy. I wish I wasn’t.
  • The featured image? My friend Annie took that when I was instructed to get a new headshot for a lit magazine I was working for. I tried my “serious model look”… she told me I looked fierce. The lit magazine creative director laughed at me and said I looked angry. (I picked a candid shot to edit and feature).
  • My prayer this week is that my spirit would be awake to the blessings around me right now. To keep hope on one palm and perseverance on the other. (Thus my feature image).
  • One of my favorite things to do when I’m driving is to listen to Dear Hank and John, a podcast created by creators of VlogBrothers, Crash Course, the SciShow, and other great educational & humorous content, Hank & John Green. Each podcast is opened with a recitation of a poem of John’s choosing. More thoughts in the next bullet.
  • It isn’t fun reading poetry by yourself. Poetry, like meals, must always be read together. No, not always. Sometimes solitary chewing is necessary to listen to oneself. But I like to read poetry and eat meals TOGETHER.

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