The Reverse-Resume

Well SHOOT, Tony Kriz is kinda cool.

I’ve known that for a while. I’ve seen the man in action, on-stage and behind. But his newest episode of Off the Highway with author Reba Riley made me smile. It also inspired me to try something scary.

It’s called the Reverse Resume. It’s an exercise of putting together your “experiences” that doesn’t necessarily qualify you to be the sexiest human being alive, but an honest and whole one. The kind of things you wouldn’t share on a first date or a job interview. The juiciest, funniest, (sometimes) grossest, deepest and often the most secretive parts of you.

So, *deep breath* here I go:

  • Most nights, I don’t wipe the makeup off my face.
  • Let’s not get into flossing.
  • I consider reading one chapter of a book an accomplishment. Like a hallelujah-throw-a-party-get-an-award-save-the-world accomplishment.
  • My savings account is fasting. It’s like it’s lent all year.
  • I don’t wash my bed sheets as often as I should.
  • I’m a writer/journalist, but I HATE copyediting. Also, I’m not detail-oriented. (That’s a LinkedIn faux pas or something, right?).
  • There’s a part of me that wants to be a friends with the Kardashians.

Let’s dive deeper and talk about spirituality/faith.

  • I believe in the separation of church and state.
  • Sometimes, on Sundays, I prefer attend a Buddhist temple instead of a Christian church.
  • Once, I entered a season (read: several, several months) of not reading the bible as a spiritual practice. It was one of the best and worst spiritual disciplines I have ever tried. But I was scared to admit it to anyone (other than my mentor) because I did not want to be labeled as a heretic.
  • I hate when a church identifies itself as “bible-based.”
  • I emotionally close-off to any Christian who shows any sort of bias against the LGBTQ community/persons.
  • There’s a voice inside of my head that keeps telling me to write a conceding paragraph, explaining how I’m still a “good” and “mostly-evangelical” Christian, and that my salvation isn’t in jeopardy because of what I just wrote. I’m not ashamed of being a bad and not-at-all evangelical Christian, but I’m kinda scared that you’ll know now.

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