Leah is an aspiring storyteller + writer + journalist + creative + empathizing romantic + pessimistic realist + much more.

In high school, Leah realized that she is too small and insignificant to change the world. Fighting the good fight (social justice and such) wore her out, and for a brief moment, she stopped believing that one person could make a difference in the world.

Thankfully, that’s why she likes storytelling. It’s given her hope that one person’s voice can change the course of history. That’s why she wants to be a storyteller — to create space for ground-breaking, life-changing, history-altering, life-breathing stories. Journalism, she figured, was the best tool she had in her tool belt. With the power of words and a romantic faith in humanity, she has resumed her war against (as the VlogBrothers would say) “world suck.”

She’s an ISFP / Enneagram type 2. She has ashy elbows, untamed eyebrows, a kind smile, and an appetite for the world. She is OBSESSED with Korean food, oxford commas, and her dorky, immigrant family (biological and by-association).

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